Northzone raises €1 billion to invest in technology innovation including Web3

Venture capital firm Northzone announces the launch of a €1 billion fund that will support fintechs and startups, including in the Web3 sector. London-based Northzone, which has already invested in crypto and blockchain startups, today unveiled a $1 billion fund focused on fintech, healthtech, SaaS, Consumer and… Web3. 1 billion to invest in the next … Read more

NFTs of Italian masterpieces banned, web3 CMS,, NETGEAR gets involved in NFTs – Web3 Watch

Web3 is an idea for a new iteration of the WWW that incorporates concepts such as decentralization, blockchain technologies and the token-based economy. “Web1 was read-only, Web2 is read-write, Web3 will be read-write-own.” Okay Bears NFTs can be traded for physical gold Okay Bears, the popular Solana NFT project that garnered attention in April, is … Read more

Web3: The French revolution will pass through Bitget

Founded in 2018, Bitget is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Its motto: “Better Trading, Better Life”. Indeed, Bitget wants to offer robust and secure trading solutions to users around the world, and aims to become a portal transcending Web2 and Web3 that connects centralized finance (CeFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi). This … Read more