The Potential for Cryptocurrency to Disappear: Factors and Implications

The Potential for Cryptocurrency to Disappear: Factors and Implications

Cryptocurrencies, like any other asset class, are subject to risks and uncertainties. One such risk is the possibility that cryptocurrencies may disappear or lose their value. In this article, we will explore the factors that could lead to the disappearance of cryptocurrencies and the potential implications of such an event. Cryptocurrencies have gained widespread popularity … Read more

Better rice harvests recorded thanks to smart farming


Photo: On September 2, a staff member of the Fujin Modern Agricultural Information Center presents the general situation of rice cultivation in the city. Recently, the Rice Science and Technology Demonstration Park in Fujin City, northeastern Heilongjiang Province, reported that it is on the verge of a bumper harvest. The Rice Science and Technology Demonstration … Read more

Cannabis, crypto and meme stocks rally Monday as stock market selloff continues

Investors have found some relief in the latest rout in U.S. stocks, but not necessarily where one might expect. While traditionally defensive sectors like utilities managed to hold onto their gains in Monday’s session, some of the other positives in the market included more speculative assets like cannabis stocks, meme stocks and crypto-currencies. Cannabis stocks … Read more

What is gallium nitride (GaN) in chargers?


Technology: You’ve probably seen many USB chargers labeled as incorporating GaN or gallium nitride technology. But what is it, and do you need it? Over the past year, you may have noticed that many companies that make USB chargers are talking about GaN, or gallium nitride, technology. But what is this technology? What are the … Read more

NFTs of Italian masterpieces banned, web3 CMS,, NETGEAR gets involved in NFTs – Web3 Watch

Web3 is an idea for a new iteration of the WWW that incorporates concepts such as decentralization, blockchain technologies and the token-based economy. “Web1 was read-only, Web2 is read-write, Web3 will be read-write-own.” Okay Bears NFTs can be traded for physical gold Okay Bears, the popular Solana NFT project that garnered attention in April, is … Read more

Bitcoin & Ethereum plunge in the face of Powell’s speech – Key thresholds for this weekend

Fed boss Jerome Powell’s speech in Jackson Hole yesterday afternoon had a sharply bearish impact on Bitcoin, with the cryptocurrency retreating to a low of $20,134 on Friday night, the lowest since mid-July, down nearly 8% from the $21,866 peak marked shortly before Powell spoke. As a result, the Fed boss maintained a hawkish stance, … Read more