Alibaba Cloud develops metaverse deployment platform on Avalanche

The cloud division of Chinese technology giant Alibaba (BABA) has set up a launch pad for enterprises to deploy metavers on the Avalanche blockchain.

What is Cloudverse, Alibaba’s metaverse deployment platform?

The launch platform, called Cloudverse, is designed to provide enterprises with an end-to-end platform for customising and maintaining their meta-verse spaces.

The Cloudverse is a unique solution for designing, building and managing a Metaverse for your business. The Cloudverse makes it easy and fast to build Metaverse spaces.

It offers professional land use and governance services, as well as an open ecosystem to optimise engagement in the Metaverse.

According to a statement released Thursday via email, Avalanche will provide the technology to build Metaverse spaces. Alibaba Cloud, meanwhile, will provide the computing resources and storage capacity.

Indeed, for the provision of the Cloudverse, Alibaba Cloud offers not only scalable, highly efficient, but also secure cloud infrastructure services.

These services include computing, storage, database, networking and intelligent operations platforms. For example, Avalanche and MUA DAO provide solutions for building Metaverse spaces.

Features of the Cloudverse Platform

Alibaba’s Cloudverse offers many features. Indeed, it allows companies to benefit from

Speed to market. It allows you to create your Metaverse space in 1.5 months to get closer to your target audience and establish a new business channel for Web3.0.

High customer traffic. You can increase your company’s customer traffic by partnering with different industries in an open Metaverse space. In addition, you can combine the MUA and Avalanche user bases for a dynamic customer experience.

Rich and professional use cases. It is possible to promote your company’s brand awareness in the Metaverse and replicate business success. To do this, you can use MUA Dao’s professional use cases, including virtual space governance, virtual social campaigns and other branding activities.
An interactive ecosystem for the global marketplace that allows you to communicate with a global audience of customers and partners on a public blockchain. In addition, you will be able to continuously optimise your business model by leveraging the support of the Avalanche open source blockchain community.

Alibaba expands its activities in the Metaverse and Web3

This is the second partnership Alibaba has entered into with a blockchain network in less than a month. Indeed, the group entered into an agreement with Mysten Labs, developer of the Sui Layer 1 blockchain, to provide node services for validators on the network’s testing network.

In addition, last month Alibaba announced plans to launch a chatbot with the same functionality as ChatGPT. This chatbot will be deployed on its platform and across its product range.

The chatbot, called Tongyi Qianwen, will be available in Chinese and English initially.

AVAX token price affected by Alibaba partnership announcement

Despite the announcement of the partnership with Alibaba, the price of AVAX, Avalanche’s native token, has not been significantly affected. In fact, it increased slightly by less than 1%.

Prior to the partnership announcement, $AVAX was trading at $16.86 and after the announcement, it rose to $16.98 at 15:20 UTC (11:20 a.m. ET). However, it should be remembered that the two companies have been working together since December 2022.

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