The future of non-fungible tokens as seen by a NFT maximalist

It would be a culture – The CEO and co-founder of Electric Capital has a more than encouraging outlook on the future of non-fungible tokens (NFT). An opportunity to look back on some recent events that support his predictions.


“In the next 18 to 24 months, I think we will see a flood of games (based on NFT). Electric Capital CEO and co-founder Avichal Garg’s predictions for NFTs are particularly optimistic. They differ – greatly or slightly, depending on one’s opinion – from his analysis of the crypto markets. The latter should wait another year or two, before seeing the next bullish cycle.

In an interview with the media Cointelegraph, Avichal Garg, who describes himself as an “NFT maximalist”, shares his vision of the sector and its prospects.

The CEO of Electric Capital talks about a more understandable connection between NFTs and everyday things like art, music and games. This relationship would be relatively less obvious for other crypto niches.

Avichal Garg makes an analogy between NFTs and “several billion people because it’s ultimately culture”.

The recent news on NFTs also shows a craze for the sector. This is despite falling crypto markets, with Bitcoin falling back below $19,000.


Art and NFT: New York’s Moma Museum is reportedly planning to part with $70 million worth of art. Proceeds from the sale would be used to fund its move into web3.

Friends for monkeys: Yuga Labs is reportedly planning to launch a new collection, the Mecha Apes, by the end of this year, which would be in symbiosis, with the NFT Bored Apes.

Strong branding: the Ethereum (ETH) based NFT Doodle project has raised $56 million to support its growth.

Blankos Block Party: video game giant Epic Games is launching its NFT game, which is available in “early access.”

Will NFT be the big winner of the web3 in the short, medium and long term? Companies evolving in different sectors, such as fashion, games, or art, are now participating in this race to tokenize their assets.

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